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Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins is an intriguing adventure game in which you have to follow clues to an ancient civilization in order to uncover a mystery which has been concealed for centuries. Your main rivals are ahead of you in the investigation and you need to close in on them, making sure they don’t discover the civilization before you do.
The gameplay is on the same lines as other escapism games, in that you need to find lost objects and solve riddles in order to move forward. Likewise, in Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins your mission is to explore the ruins and to delve into all kinds of settings in order to unravel the mystery concealed within. Collect all the materials you come across, using them to pick up others, unlock secret doors, or aid you in any possible way to keep on going.
All the puzzles and riddles you find along the way require your full attention, being of a moderate level of difficulty, and will therefore put your logical capacity to the test. Run as fast as you can throughout this adventure to catch up with the rival investigation, and achieve worldwide fame by discovering the Kumari civilization.