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Blast Bots Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Blast Bots is a third-person multiplayer shooter where you fight in exciting team-based battles between robots. The best part of playing with robots? They don’t need much to stay alive, so you can send your opponent’s legs and arms flying through the air.
Gameplay in Blast Bots is typical for the genre: with your left thumb, you can move your robot, and with your right thumb, you can aim. Your character shoots automatically when your crosshairs hit an enemy. You can also use your jetpack or whatever special skills you’ve equipped, at any given moment.
Between battles, which last about five minutes, you can customize your robot. You can choose between tons of heads, bodies, and different legs, as well as tons of primary and secondary weapons. Of course, you have to unlock all this content little by little, since you only start with two weapons.
Blast Bots is a fun, third-person multiplayer shooter full of action and entertainment, and it has pretty good graphics, too. Of course, there are some other fun surprises, like blowing off your opponent’s extremities and the vertical settings.