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Core Tactics Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Core Tactics is an RTS where you’ve got to lead a team of two elite soldiers helped by two colleagues in a brutal confrontation against other enemies. The faceoff takes place on an expansive map complete with areas of cover, obstacles, and different power-ups.
Tapping the screen lets you move your men’s position, alternating between the two characters using the button on the left. On the right you’ve got all the special abilities for your characters. The attacks are always carried out automatically when an enemy comes within your characters’ reach.
The main game mode in Core Tactics is the multiplayer, where two two-person teams face two other teams. In other words, up to four players can take part in these exciting battles lasting less than five minutes. Plus you can practice solo against bots – a great way to get familiar with the maps and controls.
Core Tactics is an original and entertaining RTS with nice graphics and a good array of characters. And as you play you can also customize the looks of your heroes.