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Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself is a first-person horror game set in a spaceship that’s directly influenced by games such as System Shock and the more recent SOMA. Also, the game is developed by the creators of the great ‘Eyes – The Haunt.’
The story in Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself has you play the part of Doctor Laird who, in his pursuit to achieve world peace, ends up creating an artificial intelligence capable of destroying humanity. Your mission: try to stop your own creation. To do this, you need to go up against some deadly traps and security systems.
From the beginning of the adventure, your character has a weapon that lets you deactivate some of the security measures of M.I.R.A. (the artificial intelligence). That said, this weapon needs energy. To get energy, you need to investigate the complex which, as you’ll soon find out, is a dark and dangerous place.
Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself is an excellent first-person horror game that, unlike similar games, doesn’t hold your hand at any time. It’s a difficult game. However, this difficulty is exactly what makes succeeding in the game so satisfying.