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Help a young witch named Violet complete all kinds of missions in the fun action/adventure game El Cristal Magico (the magical crystal). But make sure to avoid all the dangers lurking in and around the forest as you explore the world and take on missions!
This game’s controls are super simple: just use the virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen to move the characters. Not only that, but the visuals aren’t bad either, and all the maps and characters are beautifully portrayed on 3D graphics.
Another great feature of El Cristal Magico is that it has clear mission objectives. For example, in some missions, you’ll have to collect flowers, while in others you might have to help a lumberjack collect wood that’s been scattered all over the ground.
El Cristal Magico offers hours of fun helping all the characters in this magical world complete missions. Its easy-to-use controls and vibrant graphics make it a great game for players of all ages!