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Evil Killer Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Evil Killer is a first-person horror game where players control a group of three friends who are traveling all over the country. One night, when sleeping in a small, deserted town, the three of them start to hear noises and feel uneasy.
The story in Evil Killer is split into several different episodes, where you get to play the three different protagonists. In each episode you have a goal to accomplish, which normally entails reaching a specific location in the town. Obviously it’s pitch black and you only have the help of your flashlight.
The control system in Evil Killer is straightforward and intuitive. On the left-hand side of the screen is your virtual stick to move your character around, and swiping right with your finger lets you aim your flashlight. Plus at the bottom of the screen, you have buttons to jump and run – of great use when trying to get away.
Evil Killer is a captivating horror game, telling a story full of intrigue, where the only thing you can try to do is to escape. Fighting this particular enemy is not an option.