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GETCHA GHOST Nasıl Hile Yapılır

GETCHA GHOST is a game that combines a fun combat-based match-3 with AR elements. Players use their device’s camera to look for ghosts around them and then catch them. After you capture the ghosts, you can use them to fight others of their kind.
GETCHA GHOST’s gameplay is divided into two well-defined phases. First, you have the ghost hunt which you play using your Android device’s camera. Then, there’s the fight against ghosts which resembles Puzzle Quest and other similar games.
Between battles, players can manage their group of ghosts. You can pick new ghosts for your group, level up the ghosts that you already have and so on. In total, you can capture nearly a hundred different specters thanks to the game’s AR technology.
GETCHA GHOST is a fun game reminiscent of Yokai Watch, but with slightly different gameplay. Just like in the game Level-5, you can catch ghosts using your Android terminal. But this time, you can fight with them in the game’s fun match-3 mode too.