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Heroes of 71 Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Heroes of 71 is a third-person shooter set during the Bangladesh Liberation War. It this game, you can play as three different rebels who are trying to fend off Pakistani attacks.
The game has only one map: a military base you have to defend from the endless Pakistani attacks. You can control three different rebels, each of them located at a different part of the base and armed with a different weapon. At ground level, there’s a character armed with a machine-gun, while on top of a turret, you can find a character armed with a rifle.
The more enemy soldiers you kill, the more points you get to unlock grenades. These are really useful in later stages of the game, when enemy soldiers start appearing nonstop.
Heroes of 71 is an interesting action game that lets you learn more about an armed conflict that’s not very well-known outside of Bangladesh. Plus, the game has accurate controls and high-quality graphics, resulting in an excellent gaming experience.