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I Am Innocent Nasıl Hile Yapılır

I Am Innocent is a text adventure that takes place inside a smartphone interface. You can use a messaging app to chat with the different characters and even use the Internet browser and even the phone to make calls.
At the beginning of your adventure, you’ll find out more about the game through to a pretty uneventful conversation with one of the characters. A few minutes later, however, things start to get ugly. A kidnapping and murder story unfolds little by little on your smartphone as you start playing.
Besides talking to the different I Am Innocent characters in order to advance in the story, you have to solve a bunch of puzzles that’ll help you hack other smartphones. Your mission in these puzzles is to link some colored blocks over different boards.
I Am Innocent is a super interesting text adventure that adapts perfectly to the Android interface to offer you a story full of intrigue. I Am Innocent is from the author of the whole Who is the Killer? Saga, an excellent mystery series for Android.