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Jurassic Run Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Jurassic Run is a 3D endless runner where you play a tyrannosaurus rex and you have to run away as fast as you can though an apocalyptic setting. So apocalyptic, in fact, that it’s plagued with humans trying to hunt you down.
The controls in Jurassic Run are typical for the genre: slide your finger left of right to move your dinosaur from side to side, and slide up to jump. If you double tap, you can activate boosters. Knowing how to use these boosters well can mean the difference between a good round and a great round.
As usual in this type of game, you can collect coins as you run. With these coins, you can unlock not only new dinosaurs, but also special abilities for your dinosaurs. More turbo time or a coin magnet are just two of the abilities you can improve.
Jurassic Run is an entertaining endless runner where you can control either a t-rex or a velociraptor. That said, it doesn’t really offer much originality in comparison to other similar games … except for the possibility to play with dinosaurs, of course.