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Kaptain Brawe Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Kaptain Brawe is a fun, old-style graphic adventure set in an alternative world where you, the brave (and funny) Kaptain Brawe, can travel to different planets throughout the galaxy.
The game’s graphics are very similar to those of the classic The Curse of Monkey Island, with a cartoon style and animations that seem more television than video game. In addition, both the scenes and the characters are carefully hand-drawn.
Just like for many games of this type, this game is played using the ‘point and click’ method. In other words, you control your character using just your fingertip, telling him to talk, pick up and use objects, walk back and forth, etc.
Katpain Brawe is a fun adventure with an old-time feel. Experienced fans will love the game, but the youngest players might miss some of the typical details of the genre.