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Missing Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Missing is a video game in which you play as Champa, a young woman who has been kidnapped and is forced into the world of prostitution. A world in which millions of girls find themselves every year. The objective of the game, of course, is to learn something about this terrible reality.
The video game starts with Champa, your fearless protagonist, waking up in a room that she isn’t familiar with, surrounded by people she doesn’t know. But slowly she realizes what’s happened. She has been kidnapped and forced to work in the terrible world of prostitution, from which there is no escape. Or is there?
The gameplay in Missing is relatively easy to learn. Basically, while you’re on the street with Champa, you have to try to get clients based on two values: lust and money. Your objective: to survive. Survive and, with a little luck, keep your hope of escaping alive.
Missing is a terrible game, but it’s also necessary. In a better world, a video game with this story and these characters wouldn’t have to exist. Unfortunately, Missing shows a horrible side of the real world, and one that repeats itself every day. And if this small playable experience can make people more aware of these horrors, then it will have served its purpose.