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Mobile Battleground Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Join a three player team and face off against another team in exciting 3 minute battles on the MOBA Mobile Battleground. Unlike other MOBA games, there are no rounds or breaks in Mobile Battleground, players continue until the battles are over.
Maps of Mobile Battleground are significantly smaller than other MOBA, for one simple reason: the objective isn’t to destroy enemy towers or use loads of minions, but to collect the energy cubes that appear on the map. After 3 minutes, the team with the most cubes wins.
Between battles, the players can level up their heroes, improving their life points, attacks, and special abilities. And, as usual, there’s some unavailable characters at the start of the game you can unlock as you keep playing.
Mobile Battleground is a fast paced MOBA, with a unique but very fun game experience whether you’re playing online against other players or alone against AI opponents.