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Never Gone Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Never Gone is a 2D beat’em up set in a dark and magical world where humans, vampires, and demons are waging war against each other. You play as a Bloody Knight or a Dark Sister, trying to tip the scales in favor of one of these three groups.
Gameplay in Never Gone is typical for the genre. On the left side of the screen, there’s a virtual D-pad for moving, and on the right side, there are buttons for attacking, jumping, and blocking. If you tap twice in one direction, you can run. You can also make combinations and special attacks by tapping more than one button.
When you start playing Never Gone, you can choose between the two main characters, each with special attacks and abilities. There are three different episodes with tons of levels. Each level takes about three minutes to complete, which is more than enough time to fight against tons of monsters.
Never Gone is an excellent 2D action game with old school gameplay and tons of missions and enemies. The game also has amazing graphics with sublime, high-definition models.