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Overkill 3D: Battle Royale Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Overkill 3D: Battle Royale is a first person shooting game that challenges you to take part in thrilling 3 vs. 3 duels. Your objective here is to conquer the main area of the map. Whoever scores more points when the time runs out, wins.
The controls are really well adapted to touchscreen smartphones. You’ll find the movement virtual control stick to the left and the aiming control to the right. Your character shoots automatically as soon as you aim at your enemy. But, you can also carry out special skills by clicking on the main button.
Overkill 3D: Battle Royale includes three different settings and you get to use a dozen different weapons that can be upgraded little by little. There are shotguns, machine guns, rifles, guns and even flame-throwers. You can also choose between different skins for your character.
Overkill 3D: Battle Royale is a really entertaining first person shooter that offers frantic and super fun PvP duels. In less than five minutes you can play a couple of online rounds with up to five friends.