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Pean Adventure Run Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Pean Adventure Run is a 2D clicker that challenges you to help Mr. Pean (a character openly inspired by Mr. Bean) to drive his car through a hill.
There are three difficulty levels where you have to guide Pean through the different platforms by making sure he jumps, runs and dodges all the obstacles he finds along the way while collecting as many diamonds as he can. The obstacles may be anything from giant mushrooms to tree trunks, metal cans or wooden spikes. The trick here is that sometimes you’ll run into several traps in a row and you have to jump over them at a really precise pace so you don’t end up falling onto another trap.
Both the gameplay and the visuals are really simple. You just need one finger and any Android smartphone to play (regardless of its capabilities).
Pean Adventure Run is a simple but really fun clicker that’s just as addictive as most of the other games in the genre.