PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters oyununun android hileli apk indirip PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters hileli mod ile oynayabilirsiniz. PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Hile indir

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Nasıl Hile Yapılır

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters is a 2D action platformer where your aim is to help the Ghostbusters capture all the ghosts that are roaming free. Grab your proton pack and ghost trap and get ready for action.
The controls in PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters are simple and intuitive: swipe left and right to move around the level, and tap the buttons on either side of the screen to use your proton pack. The aim, obviously, is to hit the ghosts with the ray so you can capture them.
The ghosts appear in a constant succession of waves that you have to repel relentlessly. Luckily every time you get rid of one wave of ghosts you can improve some of your ghostbuster’s attributes, like her number of lives or the power of the proton rays.
One of the most fun things about PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters is that not only can you play five different ghostbusters but you can also create your own character using all sorts of different playmobil pieces. You can pick the eyes, hair, and much more.
PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters is a highly entertaining action game with nice graphics, a simple control system, and a lot of replayability.