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Power Level Warrior 2 Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Power Level Warrior 2 is a fighting game that’s quite reminiscent of the titles from the Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi saga. That said, this second installment has a more differentiated style both visually (with characters that are less similar to those from Toriyama) and in its gameplay.
The faceoffs in Power Level Warrior 2 take place in big settings that you can traverse either on foot or in the air. At any time you can use the charging power to make your character’s energy bar recharge. When your bar is full you can make quick moves and obviously do special attacks as well.
One of the things that differentiates this second installment from the first (and from Tenkaichi) is that you can improve your two characters (a boy and a girl) bit by bit. With the experience you get in each level you can upgrade their attack and defense skills, life points, and even special skills.
Power Level Warrior 2 is a spectacular fighting game that despite not having a lot of different settings and characters (in fact there are very few) still offers a very entertaining gaming experience. And as in the previous title, the graphics are also brilliant.