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Sausage Legend Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Sausage Legend is a very peculiar fighting game where instead of playing a wrestler, knight, monster, or some other character prepared for combat, you play a sausage skewered on a fork. Yep, a sausage. On a fork.
Sausage Legend’s combat system is very simple: press the screen to start powering up your next attack, and let go to hit what’s in front of you. The longer you hold your finger down, the more damage you do if you land the punch. But obviously this is risky since you’re vulnerable while you’re powering up your attack.
You can unlock new sausages with the coins you collect coins during your games. These include more than 20 sausages from different parts of the world: German sausage, salami, cocktail sausage, Spanish chorizo, a piece of pancetta, and many others.
In single-player mode you face off against one enemy after another until one of them finishes off your sausage. You’ll also find a two-player mode where you can fight against a friend on the same Android.
Sausage Legend is one of the absolute silliest fighting games out there. But its absurdity is precisely what makes this game so fun, especially in two-player mode.