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Shoot Like Hell Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Defend your city against waves of undead in the fun shooting game Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs zombies. Join three other zombie fighters in this real time multiplayer game and use your perfect aim to end all the zombies.
You objective in this mission is to use your weapons and kill as many zombies as possible. As you complete missions you can upgrade your weapons, and the higher your shooting accuracy in the missions, the more money you’ll earn. Use your money to buy missiles, and Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies has many options to choose from; you’ll need them if you want to defeat all the living dead and compete against your team for the high score!
Just tap anywhere on the screen to shoot a bullet in that direction, but remember, you need to pay attention to the speed and direction of your enemies if you want to hit anything. The three users you’re working with are chosen at random, but you’ll always have the same goal: to complete every mission, no matter what. Will your team be able to defeat the fearsome zombie bosses?