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Storm Island Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Storm Island is a multiplayer survival game that challenges eight players to control eight survivors stranded on a deserted island. Seven of the players must work together to escape alive from the beach, but one of them has a completely different goal: to get rid of the rest.
Storm Island’s control system is very simple. Use your left thumb to control your character’s movement and the right one to interact with different elements of the scenario, collect objects or attack other players. If you’re one of the true survivors, your goal is to work with the rest to build the four parts of a ship to escape. If, on the other hand, you’re playing the evil character, you have to sabotage their efforts… without getting caught.
One of Storm Island’s main selling points is that the rounds last up to ten minutes, which is ideal for mobile devices. If the survivors haven’t managed to complete all the parts of the boat within that time frame, they lose. And of course, if the mole gets caught, the rest of the survivors are likely to finish him off quickly.
Storm Island is an excellent multiplayer action and survival game that offers a unique and fun experience. The visuals are extraordinary, and it includes pretty good character designs and plenty of additional skins to unlock.