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The Witching Hour Nasıl Hile Yapılır

The Witching Hour is a super fun platform game that challenges you to remain safe at all costs. When the clock hits midnight, the world becomes a dangerous place so you’ll have to reach your destination by dodging all the deathly obstacles.
The gameplay is really simple; to move forward you just have to slide your finger towards the left or the right and to jump, just click on the right side of the screen. The faster you click, the faster you’ll jump. Hold the click for a bit longer and you’ll jump even higher.
Along the road, you’ll stumble upon witches, demons, ghosts and spiders that’ll destroy you if you touch them, so make sure you stay away from all of them if you want to reach your destination. In order to finish each level safely, you have to get to the blue light that’s located somewhere on the screen by following the path made available. Make sure you keep an eye out for all those obstacles out there to get you.