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Tom Run and Mouse is an entertaining and enjoyable game that brings back the archenemies Tom and Jerry in a spectacular platformer. Think you can dodge all the obstacles and pass every single level? Give this game a try and find out!
Your mission in Tom Run and mouse is Simple: help Tom the cat make it past all the obstacles he finds in his way. In this adventure, Tom isn’t just chasing Jerry around your run-of-the-mill house. No, in this case, he finds himself in a hostile place full of obstacles, enemies, cliffs, and unexpected surprises.
To make it past all the obstacles, you have two controls on the screen. With the first one, you can slide along the ground to dodge the enemies attacking from above you. With the second button, you can jump to escape from enemies and objects on the ground. Perfect your strategy, dodge your enemies, and collect all the rewards along the way!
Tom Run and Mouse is a fun game that lets you experience the adventures of the famous can and mouse duo like never before.