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Zombie HQ Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Zombie HQ is a third-person action game where you have to fight off the approaching zombies with clean shots, trying to massacre as many as you can in each of the different missions you undertake.
Gameplay is actually very simple: all you have to do is move your character through different scenes shooting all the zombies in your path and trying not to let them eat your entrails.
To achieve this objective, you’ll have a good number of resources in the form of a huge arsenal of shotguns, machine guns, turrets and pistols. What’s more, you’ll also have melee weapons like axes or saws, and even grenades and first aid kits for the most dangerous moments.
The graphics in Zombie HQ are also worth mentioning, with an overall design and character models that fit perfectly with the game’s setting, and a general look reminiscent of the PSX era.
Zombie HQ is an enjoyable zombie-killing game that will entertain you for hours thanks to its variety of missions and the large number of objects you can buy.