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7 Days! Nasıl Hile Yapılır

7 Days! is a chat adventure where you discover a story that’s interesting as can be through chat messages: Kirell is a girl whom the god of death has announced is in the kingdom of death and, to be revived, needs to comply with a series of missions within less than seven days.
The gameplay in 7 Days! is quite simple. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find four sections: in the chat section you can advance in the story through conversations with the god of death and the characters you come across on the successive days as you fulfill the mission that’s been given to you. In the contacts section, you’ll find cards for the characters you’re meeting.
These cards are expanded as you discover more info about the characters. Finally, you come across an inventory storing all the artifacts that both the god of death and the other characters provide so you can advance in your mission.
Your objective is simple: to read and decide your answers. Meanwhile, you’ll move forward at the hands of a compass of death that shows you the path to a person on the verge of dying. Along the way you’ve got to make decisions that will alter the narrative.
7 Days! is a text adventure with very high production values, an addictive and dynamic narrative style, and really pretty graphics. The perfect title for lovers of visual novels.