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7 years from now Nasıl Hile Yapılır

7 years from now is an adventure where you play a young man who lost his memory seven years ago. The only thing he can remember from back then is that he made a promise. He doesn’t even remember the face of the person he made the promise to, their name, or even what the promise was.
Your objective in 7 years from now is to find the person your character made the promise to. The problem is, seven years ago, a new family adopted your character and they moved. So now you need to find a person you don’t know, in a city you don’t know.
The controls in 7 years from now are simple: you just have to touch anywhere in the setting to move, and tap on a character to talk to him or her. The game is completely non-violent, so none of your interactions with other characters will involve fighting.
7 years from now is an interesting adventure that has nice graphics. It reminds us a bit of the sentimental ‘To the Moon,’ one of the highest acclaimed indie games in recent years.