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After Us Nasıl Hile Yapılır

After Us is a first-person action game where you play a zombie apocalypse survivor whose sole aim is to stay alive as long as possible. To do so you have to face off against dozens of the undead who follow you relentlessly through the city streets.
You can move your character with complete freedom though the setting. The problem? The zombies can also move freely throughout the city and chase after you tirelessly all over it. Luckily, you can defend yourself with a wide assortment of weapons, including pistols, machine guns, and grenades.
As you go along killing zombies, you also earn experience which helps you level up. When you do so, you can improve different attributes of your character, like his life points and resistance. You can also buy new weapons and ammunition, or use your earnings to unlock new characters.
After Us is a really entertaining FPS that’s ideal for short rounds. After all, as soon as the zombies kill your character, the game’s over and you get to start the fun all over again.