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Angel Road Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Angel Road is a retro narrative experience that gives you the opportunity to join a young character on a surreal pixelated adventure.
The game starts out when your character wakes up on a snow-covered street. After some confusion, he starts to become aware of the fact that he doesn’t actually remember what he’s doing there, or even who he is. He knows he was waiting for someone but he doesn’t know who, how long he’s been waiting, or why. After a little while, he decides to leave. However, to his surprise, he can’t leave the street. Each time he walks off one side of the screen, he reappears on the other.
Confused and becoming more and more distraught, he decides to strike up a conversation with a street musician who’s playing the guitar behind him, The musician doesn’t have much more information, but at least he can give him some company. The idea is to interact with the different elements found around this setting until you finally figure out what you’re doing there and why you can’t escape.
Angel Road is an incredibly interesting narrative experience that doesn’t take too long to complete. Plus, it offers retro graphics for that extra touch of nostalgia that so many players crave.