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Anime Girl Run Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Anime Girl Run is a 3D endless runner where you play an anime-style girl who has to get as far as she can through the streets. The problem is that the road is full of dangers of all kinds.
The controls in Anime Girl Run are simple: swipe toward either side of the screen to make your character move in that direction. Along the way you’ve got to try to collect all the coins and soda cans while dodging the various obstacles. Sometimes you’ve even got to face bosses like a huge truck that throws giant cans at you.
As is standard for games in this genre you can use the coins you’ve collected to upgrade your character or unlock new ones. There are seven different ones, all with a cool anime look.
Anime Girl Run is an entertaining endless runner that may not shine in terms of its graphics and originality, but it does offer a decent gaming experience.