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Blade 2 Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Control a group of four heroes as they face a global epidemic of terror in Blade 2, a three-dimensional ‘hack and slash’ game. Use your heroes’ massive arsenal of weapons and annihilate all the monsters!
Blade 2 has a very traditional control system, with a directional pad on the left side of the screen and two attack buttons on the right. You can change characters during battles from the upper left corner of the screen to unleash special attacks on your foes!
The levels in Blade 2 are normally pretty short, lasting about two minutes, at most. But in that time you’ll face hordes of normal monsters and a boss, with certain levels including an especially powerful boss to defeat.
Before starting a level in ‘story mode,’ you can choose two heroes to participate in battles. Although you start the adventure with four characters, only two can can be controlled at any one time. And the more you use the characters, the more they’ll level up.
Blade 2 is a brutal three-dimensional action game with spectacular graphics, some incredible video scenes, and, most importantly, very fun gameplay. Give this outstanding title a try!