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Bloody Bastards Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Bloody Bastards is a 2D fighting game where two warriors get to face each other in fights that are as far-fetched as they are brutal. Each warrior is equipped with a different weapon, like a knife, a sword, or a mallet, so basically, be prepared for a blood bath.
The controls in Bloody Bastards are perfect for touchscreens. All you have to do is tap the sides of the screen to make your character move left or right. However, to attack, you have to touch the sides of the screen and draw the movement you want each arm to make. In other words, the gameplay is similar to what we’ve seen in Surgeon Simulator or QWOP, but applied to combat.
In Bloody Bastards, you’ll find three different game modes. The first is a sort of story mode where you have to face increasingly difficult enemies. The second is a wave mode where you can constantly fight against enemies as long as you defeat them all. And lastly, the third is a multiplayer mode where you can fight against other players.
When you start out playing, as usual, you hardly have any weapons or equipment. You start the game with only a knife and a wooden shield. That said, as you win fights and earn money, you can buy armor, axes, swords, mallets, and more. Of course, the one thing you can do right from the beginning is customize the look of your warrior.
Bloody Bastards is an excellent 2D fighting game that offers a game experience that’s as fun as it is brutal. Its simple graphics combined with a great physics engine make for some really spectacular fights that won’t disappoint.