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Bread Run Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Bread Run is a fun action and adventure game where you play as a slice of bread with a hair salon. An evil villain has stolen all your gadgets in order to steal your clients, too, so you have to chase him down and get your gadgets back.
Gameplay in Bread Run has two parts: cutting your clients’ hair and chasing down the villain. Chasing down the villain is like a 3D runner game with three lanes full of coins, hairdressing tools, and traps. Your job is to run down the lanes or jump and roll to avoid obstacles. The longer you run, the more objects you can pick up, using coins to buy improvements for your salon or tools to do your clients’ hair.
In the hairdressing part of the game, you attend to your clients, all of whom are cupcakes, because this is a silly world where all the characters are food. Each cupcake has a hairstyle in mind (which is essentially the icing on top of the cupcake). It’s your job to make their dreams come true using the tools you have. The closer you get to their idea, the more satisfied they will be.
Bread Run is a fun, dynamic, and addictive game with absolutely gorgeous graphics. Have a blast making your customers happy and chasing after an evil villain as a piece of toast!