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Brick Builder Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Brick Builder is a fun game of skill where you have to collect all the bricks you can. Your goal is to build a path that will let you carry the rest of your load to the final platform. Once you make it to the end, your mission is to create the biggest tower you can in order to earn tons of money. If you like simple games where you have to gradually grow your character, this fun option gives you plenty of levels to enjoy.
The gameplay in Brick Builder is simple. All you have to do is slide your finger from one side to the other to guide your character since it moves forward automatically. Your goal in each level is to collect the most bricks possible that you find all along the way.
Your load of bricks will serve two very important purposes. The first is to create a path that will save you from falling to your doom. The path is broken and the only way to advance is by using your bricks to get to the other side. The second is to build a tower at the finish line. At the end, you’ll use all the bricks you have left to build a castle that will then be destroyed to give you juicy rewards.
In this entertaining adventure, you’ll also get to enjoy tons of extra levels that will turn you into an enormous roll of toilet paper that you have to make bigger and bigger. Enjoy hundreds of levels and make it to the finish line with as many bricks as you can.