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Climb! free Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Climb! Free is a climbing game where you have to try to get as high as you can by scaling the side of a mountain. And to do that your character can use nothing more than his hands and your skills.
Climb! Free’s controls are rather ingeniously designed. Tapping one side of the screen or the other makes your character swing in that direction. When you take your finger off of the screen he’ll jump, and if you tap the screen again right when his hand is passing another rock, he’ll grab hold of it. If you press down on both sides of the screen at the same time your climber will use both hands to propel him upwards.
The aim of the game is obviously to get as high as you can. At first it seems really difficult to get past the 20 meters mark, but as soon as you master the controls you’re sure to be climbing for ages before falling.
Climb! Free is an outstanding game offering an experience that’s really fun and unique. It also has really great graphics. A proper breath of fresh air in this saturated world of games for Android.