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Cluck Night Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Cluck Night is an asymmetrical action game similar to Death by Daylight, only this game is set in an even better scenario. Instead of an assassin trying to kill four survivors, there are four chickens trying to escape from a hungry farmer.
Gameplay in Cluck Night depends on whether you’re playing as the farmer or one of the four chickens. You can move with the virtual D-pad on the left, while with the buttons on the right, you can hit the chickens, cook the chickens, peck, or throw eggs depending on which side you’re playing for.
Rounds in Cluck Night last about five minutes, during which the four chickens try to escape. To do so, you have to break a series of generators by throwing bombs or pecking at them. Meanwhile, you also have to avoid the farmer, who’s trying to catch the chickens and eat them.
Cluck Night is an excellent asymmetrical game that puts a fun and lighthearted twist on classic 4v1 horror games. It has great graphics, too, and plenty of skins for both the chickens and the farmer.