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Crime Driver Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Crime Driver is a 3D action game that’s similar to GTA: San Andreas where you play a gangster moving freely around town. You can steal vehicles, buy firearms, and kill innocent bystanders.
The game’s control system is typical for the genre: you have a virtual joystick on the left part of the screen and buttons to do different actions on the right. You can steal vehicles, run, or do martial arts.
The game doesn’t have a very interesting backstory, but then again, it doesn’t really need it. The good thing about Crime Driver is it lets you wander aimlessly around a city, attacking anything that moves, stealing vehicles (including a tank) and driving like it’s nobody’s business.
Crime Driver is an entertaining, yet unoriginal, action game that draws inspiration from Grand Theft Auto’s gameplay to offer you a fun gaming experience.