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Dark Slash – Ninja Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Dark Slash – Ninja is a minimalist action game where you move through a closed setting trying to dodge attacks from enemies as they appear, using your light saber to finish them off.
Gameplay in Dark Slash – Ninja is very simple: pressing on the screen makes your main character run, while swiping in any direction makes you attack your enemy with the light saber. Using this simple control system you’ll have to survive as long as you possibly can.
Your sole aim on Dark Slash – Ninja is to make it as long as possible and exterminate as many enemies as you can. In the beginning they’ll be zombies and some rather bumbling sword fighters, but as you advance in the game you’ll have to face archers, mages who throw fireballs, and huge final bosses.
Dark Slash – Ninja is a frenetic and entertaining action game. Despite its conceptual and graphic simplicity, it manages to keep you hooked thanks to its gameplay that’s perfectly suited to touch screens.