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Detective S Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Detective S is a fun game where you help Detective S track down the person who killed her father.
Detective S stars S, a young woman who, when she was still a child, saw her father die at the hands of an evil assassin whom he himself was trying to catch. The only evidence left behind was a coin with a strange design. Sadly, the police never found the killer and eventually shelved the case. But it wasn’t long before S heard of another murder where a similar coin was found at the crime scene. Now, S is taking the law into her own hands as she tries to hunt down her father’s killer and avenge his death.
Gameplay in Detective S is similar to a graphic novel, where your main job is reading and enjoying the story. However, you can also interact with your surroundings and collect clues to solve the case. A large part of the game consists not only of finding crucial evidence but also spotting the differences between two images.
With absolutely marvelous graphics and a well-written story, Detective S truly stands out from other similar games. In this game, not only do you have to find the differences but also the criminal in question.