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Dragon Finga Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Dragon Finga is a fighting game where you can control a dragon warrior, moving all of the joints in its body as if it were a rag doll, jumping, turning and hitting in any direction.
The control system in Dragon Finga is very simple: if you slide your finger out from your character in a certain direction, you will jump in that direction; if you just tap on the screen you will make him hit. Both your hero and the enemies that you face are subject to a ‘rag doll’ physics system that makes it so that all of their movements are particularly entertaining.
You will find up to 250 different missions in Dragon Finga, where your goal is usually to defeat a certain number of enemies in order to then fight against the ‘boss’. In addition, you will find more than five different scenes and a complete range of characters that you can manage.
You can use the coins that you win during your combats to purchase different accessories for your character, including helmets, gloves, pants, armor, and so on.
Dragon Finga is a very fun action game that has outstanding graphics and mechanics that are perfectly designed for touchscreen devices.