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Draw Defense Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Draw Defense is a strategy game — with plenty of action thrown in — where you lead a squadron of soldiers into battle. But you’ll lead your troops with some unique and fun controls: draw on the ground to get your troops to attack enemies.
Draw Defense has a top-down perspective. On the main screen you can level up some of your soldiers’ skills. Of course, to do so you’ll need plenty of coins, which you can also use to unlock skills, new soldiers, and other items that will make your soldiers stronger.
As you play, keep in mind that you should get each new skill as fast as possible. Not only that, but as you learn new skills you’ll have to learn to draw new patterns, and to draw them quickly, to protect your area from enemies.
Draw Defense is an entertaining strategy game that will challenge you to memorize each pattern to use your unlocked attacks. Check it out, plan great defensive and offensive strategies, take on enemies, and defend your territory from any threat.