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Drogo Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Is-it Love? Drogo – Vampire is an otome (a sub-genre of visual novels in which the protagonist is female and generally interacts with tons of attractive men) where you make decisions that alter the course of the story. No matter what happens, though, you’re sure to interact with vampires in one way or another.
The gameplay in Is-it Love? Drogo – Vampire is pretty typical: you read what happens, talk to different characters, and then make some decisions. The decisions that you make will affect your relationships with the other characters.
To advance in the game, you’ll need energy. Every day, you’ll get a certain amount of energy, but you can also watch ads (or pay) to get extra energy and keep playing. From the game’s menu, you can also see all the scenes you’ve unlocked.
Is-it Love? Drogo – Vampire is an otome with an interesting story and intriguing characters, plus it has great graphics and a pretty extensive story.