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Final Elimination Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Final Elimination is an action-packed battle royale with matches that last no more than five minutes. If you love battle royales and you’re looking for a quick version full of possibilities, Final Elimination is the perfect way to test your grit against other users all over the world.
In Final Elimination, your mission is to outlast 14 opponents on an island where anything goes. At the beginning of the match, you’ll have 20 seconds to choose your starting point. Pick a location that gives you the best chance of survival and start looking for boxes on the map to collect supplies. You can see where supplies are located on the map, but watch out, because so can everyone else.
As in other battle royales, the safe zone is cut at regular intervals, so you’ll need to think ahead to avoid getting caught outside the safe zone and dying. As the safe zone shrinks in size, everyone is concentrated in a smaller amount of space, making it harder to survive. Try to collect as many resources as you can in order to survive and arm yourself with the best weapons to hunt down your opponents. You’ll have to play smart if you want to be the last one standing, using anything and everything you can to give yourself an advantage.
As you win rounds and kill off your opponents, you’ll win rewards that you can use to improve your character. So get ready to dive into this fast and wild battle royale game full of action and destruction.