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FootRock 2 Nasıl Hile Yapılır

FootRock 2 is a first person action and platform game that challenges you to reach the finish line of each level by dodging all the obstacles that cross your path. Be warned, these obstacles are NOT normal, things can get pretty wild.
Your character is always running so you focus on controlling direction by sliding your finger across the screen. You can also use the jump button – essential for avoiding certain some obstacles – there’s also a ‘throw a ball’ button that lets you.. well, throw a ball. The fun part is that FootRock 2 includes different balls: one of them can be used to teleport yourself, another one creates a huge expandable wave, etc.
FootRock 2 has more than 70 different levels for you to face the wackiest obstacles imaginable: from falling walls to giant thumbtacks, brain-thirsty zombies and loony cows. Luckily, you might also run into trampolines that can help you jump higher, machine guns to get rid of zombies and much more.
FootRock 2 is a super unique first person action game that challenges you to dodge a bunch of obstacles instead of destroying your obstacles. As an added bonus, the game has great visuals and a huge variety of traps and levels.