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FreeLancer Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Free Lancer is a very simple action game in which you play a knight armed with a lance. Your objective is to kill all the monsters that are terrorizing neighboring lands by riding in a straight line with your lance ready to go.
The combat system in Free Lancer is so simple that oftentimes you don’t even need to touch the screen. You’ll see your knight charging forward, annihilating all the enemies that get in his way. When you run into an enemy, you’ll receive a little bit of damage, though; and if you run into too many enemies, your life bar can get depleted and your horse will fall down.
One of the most important aspects of combat in Free Lancer is your abilities. Each time you kill an enemy, you get mana, and with this mana, you can use different abilities. The first ability that you unlock (and perhaps the most useful one in the game) is the ability to heal yourself. Other abilities give you the possibility to make devastating attacks.
Free Lancer is a fun and simple action game with a pretty original gameplay and super charming graphics. The game also has a ton of characters to unlock, as well as dozens of different weapons and shields that you can use when you play.