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Fury Turn Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Fury Turn is a turned-based action and strategy game that urges you to help save all the scientists trapped inside a building that’s being attacked by aliens. Luckily, your trusty shotgun is always by your side to help you stop the green scum.
You can move your character around by sliding your finger anywhere on the screen; it moves one square at a time. Tapping over an area of the screen that’s near your character lets you shoot or throw grenades. These actions help you kill the evil aliens as well as destroy elements of the settings like doors or walls.
Fury Turn has more than 20 different levels. Future versions of the game promise new levels and chapters added to the story, but for now, you can play with some unlockable characters and fight against a bunch of different aliens.
Fury Turn is an incredible turn-based game that includes great visuals and stands out thanks to its super fun, addictive, and straight-forward gameplay. This is a true adventure for anyone who loves turn-based games.