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Ghost Snap Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Ghost Snap is a first-person horror game that makes use of augmented reality in an attempt to frighten users. And really, it succeeds. You have to use your device’s camera like night-vision goggles, so that you see everything around you with a green filter on your screen. Your goal: find the five clues.
In order to advance in Ghost Snap, you have to move around, rotate the camera, focus up and down, etc. Shortly after you start playing, you’ll start seeing elements on the screen that aren’t really there, like messages written in blood or photos sprawled across the floor. The way to interact with these things is to take a picture.
Is recommendable to play Ghost Snap with headphones, something that’s pretty common in horror games. In this case, being an augmented reality game, the use of headphones is especially justified and adds an additional layer of horror to the experience.
Ghost Snap is a really entertaining augmented reality app that has the potential to give you a good scare or two. You probably won’t end up screaming or crying in the corner, but it will most likely make you jump.