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Handless Millionaire 2 Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Handless Millionaire 2 is a game where players have to put their arms through a guillotine to try to pick up bills falling on the other side of the blade. But every once in a while, the guillotine will fall … and if it catches your arm, it’ll cut it right off.
Gameplay in Handless Millionaire 2 is very simple: tapping a bill will make your character stick his hand through the guillotine to try to get it. If the guillotine falls right then, it will cut your hand off. Your aim is to collect as much money as possible while paying attention to the pattern at which the guillotine falls, which changes on every level.
If the guillotine cuts off your right arm, you’ll be able to continue playing using the left one. The only difference between one and the other is that the left arm is less agile and could end up getting cut off as well.
Handless Millionaire 2 is a very simple game that, despite being very basic, is still fun and addictive. How much money can you pick up before you’re left with two stumps and have to go home?