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HopBound Nasıl Hile Yapılır

HopBound is a terror 2D platformer created by AppSir, the same developer of the great games DERE EXE y DERE EVIL. This time, you’ll follow Mayumi, a young woman whose boyfriend died in a car accident, in a terrifying story told by his favorite game.
The controls of Hopbound change as you move through the game. When you’re playing the favorite game of Mayumi’s boyfriend, you can control your character with the arrows on the left side of the screen while jumping and shooting with the two buttons on the right. Not only that, but you can also collect ammo or tap to jump while in the game’s endless mode.
Although you’ll spend most of your time playing HopBound running and jumping, that’s not all you’ll do. You can also chat with other characters and learn more about Mayumi’s backstory. And that’s not all: like other AppSir games, HopBound has a terrifying twist at the end of the hall.
HopBound is an excellent horror platformer, and although it’s great as a standalone title, it’s also a kind of a sequel to DERE EVIL EXE. On top of all that, its graphics will make you feel all the fear of the unsettling story.