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Hyper Heroes Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Hyper Heroes is an RPG -with a bit of action thrown in- in which you can jump into a universe plagued with dungeons and fight in battles. Although the battles play out automatically, it’s up to you to choose what attacks and strategies to use.
Hyper Heroes has low-poly visuals, but they make it easy to identify each opponent as you progress through the levels. On top of that, you can control your heroes and check how much energy each one has from the bottom of the screen.
Although Hyper Heroes is an idle RPG, which means you don’t control each character directly, you can anticipate enemy attacks and avoid taking as much damage. Along the same lines, you can slowly unlock more resources so nothing will be able to stop you as you travel across each map.
On top of all that, in Hyper Heroes you can unleash combo attacks to defeat each wave of enemies and, depending on what monster you’re up against, add various effects to the map to destroy any enemy that dares to cross your path.