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Just Shout Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Just Shout is a 2D action game where you play John Shout, a boxer whose wife has been murdered by the mob, and who sets out on a journey to quench his thirst for bloody vengeance.
You play John Shout, the main character, who you can move freely through several different scenarios in 2D. These settings are really simple (and perhaps a bit small), and your enemies constantly appear from both sides of the screen.
The main character always has a knife with him, which is his main weapon, but you can also pick up and use many more weapons. The pistols, the shotgun, or the assault rifle will let you attack the enemy from a greater distance. Additionally, the grenades and the rocket launcher let you kill multiple enemies at the same time.
The game has 30 levels that aren’t really that different from each other, but they definitely give you the opportunity to face many enemies, including a couple of ‘bosses’ as well.
Just Shout is an action game in the purest Shank style that offers a bloody and entertaining gaming experience. A simple title, perfect to release your adrenaline levels in relatively short games.